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I am the voice in the wind & the pouring rain
I am the voice of your hunger and pain
29th-Jun-2009 12:58 am - Deluge, Part Two.
I'm surprised I managed to squeeze it all into two posts. That probably means I'm forgetting something. XD
Like last time, many variations. That way, hopefully at least someone will be happy.
And again... iconning eats my brain, hence the dumb text. And odd facial expressions. That would be me way too amused by the wonders of screencapture.

[001-024] Alexander (2004)
[025-127] Ben Barnes
[128-162] Football
[163-205] Merlin
[206-216] Mitch Hewer
[217-281] Patrick Wolf
[282-287] Skid Row (Sebastian Bach)

... For that which I leave is too small for thee.Collapse )
It's been some time since I posted, but I've sort of created this grand agglomeration of assorted icons, so this will be a multi-part post.
Many variations, sorry. I also got a little carried away and amused myself with dumb captions/text. x] And the lol!faces.

[1-301] Alexander (2004)

Ask for thyself another kingdomCollapse )
LJ said a post with all icons in was too large, so here's the rest.

[001-124] Misc models
[125-125] Anguished English quotes
[126-180] Queer as Folk quote icons
[181-205] Gintama 44 quote icons (with the exception of 181, coined by fearfulwarrior)
[206-259] Dave Mustaine/Megadeth


The icondump that should not have been - take two.Collapse )
Many things I've hoarded over the past few months.
I need help. Seriously. No one should be permitted to make this many crappy icons.

Open the link in a new tab so you can do other things while you wait for these to load.

[001-012] John Barrowman (& Scott Gill) at Pride in London
[013-019] stock [roses, violins, sheet music]
[020-024] Rollo Weeks (a.k.a. the Joys of Screencapture)
[025-300] models
     [025-081] Ian Webb
     [082-100] Boyd Holbrook
     [101-178] Romulo Pires
     [179-183] Jared Koronkiewicz
     [184-185] Julia (?? I can't remember her surname)
     [186-300] Mathias Lauridsen


The icondump that should not have been.Collapse )
11th-Jan-2008 05:13 am - icons: avatar, bleach, naruto
[MUSIC] gerard. gasp.
table of contents.
22 icons

19 Avatar
- Aang
- Azula
- The Boulder
- Sokka

7 Bleach
- Ichigo
- Ganju
- Gin
- Kenpachi
- Mayuri & Nemu (SPOILERZ)

6 Naruto
- Sai
- Itachi

7 Wallpapers
- 1 Bleach
- 1 Boys Over Flowers (widescreen)
- 2 Death Note
- 1 Gintama
- 2 Naruto

get the picture.
what you want

I'm in the business of miseryCollapse )
[MUSIC] gerard. gasp.
It's been so long since I've posted a sketchdump. You can find a lot more here, if you're so inclined.

Don't throw your crap on my crap!Collapse )
17th-Nov-2007 03:01 pm - fanfic: Sokka/Toph 50 sentence au
[MUSIC] gerard. gasp.
Title: Some things never change
Fandom: Avatar the Last Airbender (AU)
Pairing: Sokka/Toph
Theme set: Beta
Rating: G to PG-13?
Warning[s]: Kataang, Taang, Sukka,  mentioned character death, drinking, slight swearing
Notes: These are completely out of chronological order. They are from my fanfic in my head world. Toph is not really blind, but was as a child (I stole this from someone, but I don't remember who). I did these mostly as a warm-up for Nano. I'll be happy to explain any that don't make sense. I stole the themeset from 1sentence, but that pairing is already taken there.

27th-Aug-2007 07:24 am - art: aleq, artemis, ekxit, naruto
[MUSIC] gerard. gasp.
Some sketches. I have more that I'll scan when I have some free time.

17th-Aug-2007 12:19 pm - Fanfic: Jack/Ianto for imwalkingalone
Title: Don't Touch My Ylang-ylang
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: PG / light PG-13
Genre: wtf, romance, generally happy and not emo
Prompts: stopwatch, immortality, flowers, mist, birdsong
For: imwalkingalone

I did my best.Collapse )
14th-Jul-2007 09:54 pm - art: more than one
[MUSIC] gerard. gasp.
So, I've done a lot of art (for me) in the past week or two. It's fun.

I'm the kind of human wreckage that you love Ex, from my as-of-yet unnamed story.
Enchanting My colorized version of this awesome lineart Jacky inked for me.
moo Kakashi.. Naruto Abridged-ified.
do. not. want. Um.. Chouji gets his headband mixed up with something else he wears daily.
in the shadows This is my favorite piece I've done ever, I think, even though it has Sasuke in it. But Ichigo Zuko is in it too, so that makes it all better, right?

And, I have a ton of sketches I may or may not scan eventually. But if you can see things that I need to improve, let me know (like the fact that I can't draw a steady line to save my life... P:) Thanks!
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